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Exclusively for Tsubasa Amami and Goro Tameike x series famous high quality 4K SPECIAL! One year after getting married, Tsubasa is living a peaceful life with her husband. However, after my husband moved to the sales department, the wheels of my happy life began to malfunction. One day during the week, sales manager Ueshima visited Tsubasa while her husband was on a business trip. Tsubasa was half-forced to demand her body instead of undoing her husband's mistake at work. From that day on, Tsubasa continued to be violated by Ueshima. First free trial spot!

MEYD-835 Tsubasa Amami and her obnoxious boss
MEYD-835 Tsubasa Amami and her obnoxious boss
 Movie Code: MEYD-835 
 Movie Studio:  
 Actor: Tsubasa Amami 
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